Who We Are

We are an educational, health, cultural and social community that promotes ethical, transformative, sane and safe non-normative sexuality.


My name Audrey Bramble, I am a lifestyle Mistress and the brain behind alt.com. Our Workshops and SPT are a combined work with Dr. Eduardo José, a clinical psychologist/sexologist with an academic background. Together we work towards creating a space where people can have a more healthy, ethical, knowledgeable, diverse and inclusive sexual exploration.

Who are you?

People who freely & enthusiastically choose to learn how to have amazing sex and create healthier and more fulfilling relationships. We believe in inclusion, we welcome both the experienced members of the BDSM, Kink, Leather, Fetish, LGBTQ+ communities and  those who do not know where or how to begin.


Our Values


Our goal is a safe, sane, consensual and pleasurable sex life for everyone . We will give tools in the hope those who want to learn will do it. The goal is for everyone to enjoy safely and ethically.


a common misconception is that kink folks are socially abnormals whose behavior only concentrates on deviant sexual encounters.

This portrayal is dangerously inaccurate and far from the truth, many kinkters are lovely, ethical, empathic, caring people who seek mindful connection and they come in every color, shape, language and size available.


for many centuries, alternative sexualities have been associated with the illegal and underground.

We want to show, to veterans and newcomers alike, that kink can and should be ethical, but above all, we want to demystify it and shed some light on the topic.


we wish for a world where those who freely decide to live a non-normative sexuality are not judged. We strive to show kinksters are not deviants mentally ill people but actually are regular folks that like to explore erotism and kink can be a sexuality that is as healthy as anyone else's.


incentivize a positive transformation in the way alternative sexualities are viewed and/or experienced, the opportunity to change negative preconceived notions through knowledge.


for centuries many ancient cultures have used sex as part of the path to enlightenment.

We strongly believe  that conscious mindful sex can be a spiritual experience that can help folks to explore one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, emotions and why not even energy.

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Our Beliefs

Ethics is at the core of everything we believe in. Ethics play a key role in framing the way people interact with each other and the world around them. Ethics are people's behavioral decisions and actions making. We don’t think about these principles from the concepts of good or bad, our view revolves around the inviolable principle of self-determination and not harming any living creature. We want to leave out of the conversation the issues that limit understanding and connection, and focus on generating a space where folks can strive for change and growth. The pathologizing and criminalization of sexual desires has existed for centuries, what is new is the inclusion of ethical and emotional aspects into the discussion with the understanding that sexuality is but one of the many layers that make up our humanity. We feel like it's our duty to try to share ethical views about non-normative sexualities as long as we continue to live in a society where prejudice and bigotry are alive. Instead of fostering guilt, we choose to work to process and eradicate it.


We believe in the power of knowledge. Freedom, understanding and bravery are born during the learning process that helps us to redefine the world we live in and our place in it.


We all dream about living a life that make us feel fulfill yet we walk a path that is still full of fear, shame and hatred, the worst enemies of conscious mindful intimacy, we strive to redefine some of the concepts that for so long have haunted all kind of folks who dare to adventure into the exploration of their sexuality.


A person, as an isolated individual, doesn’t possess the strength that a community brings. We don’t exist in a vacuum, as humans it is natural for us to seek connections, it is through the process of seeking for those real connections and the experiences within it that we learn, create, laugh,  play, live. We want to be heard, we want to be seen, we want to belong, we want to feel togetherness.


Society have gone from, “sex is evil, dangerous and sinful” to, “let’s fuck everyone in an unconscious shallow manner”, we stand for some point in the middle. We are against the “starvation/denial” dogma but at the same time we advocate for the wonderfulness of mindful non-normative sexuality.


We acknowledge the importance of non-normative voices to be able to truly understand how diverse people’s sexuality are. We strive to learn about the challenges they face and even dare to dream about maybe finding ways of making significant positive changes in their lives. Also acknowledge that for many decades now the kink scene has suffered due to lack of preparation, ignorance, abuse of power, self-indulgence, secrecy, mystification and “self-outcasting”, we believe that by creating a safe space where normative people, kinksters, sex workers, health professionals, legal experts, therapists, etc. can share and be heard, can help to forge healthier and more diverse non-normative sexual experiences.


We hear and read "normalize" all the time, when it comes to non-normative sexualities, we believe that we should talk about “visualization” instead of normalization, since, as we all know, human sexuality is natural, normal and beautiful, what is lacking is the understanding that it is also diverse. We want to break with the habit of projecting non-normative sexualities as dangerous, suitable only for the bravest, for the riskiest and for the most extreme because as science has already proven on many occasions, any regular folk can have is kink.


The beauty of mankind is its diverse essence, we want to grasp that as best as we can, for being able to achieve that goal we need to dig in the legacy of our sex-negative history to review how each culture relates to sex, erotism, intimacy, sensualism, to then build a sex-positive magic box with all the positive aspects each one of us can contribute to.


In the words of two of the most leading, progressive, relevant sex educator voices, Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy:


“As proud sluts, we believe that sex and sexual love are fundamental forces for good- activities with the potential to strengthen intimate bonds, enhance lives, create spiritual awareness, even change the world. And, furthermore, we believe that all consensual sexual choices have these potentials- that any sexual pathway, consciously chosen and mindfully followed, can be a positive, creative force in the lives of individuals and their communities”

(Ethical Slut; 1997)